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What we Need

What we need are Users, Products and Leads. First off, our community is more about promotion & distribution than sales, but we are focused on "generating" sales for members/users through advertising. That said, we will always need users because, the more users, the more valuable the ads and the more products the users can be familiar with and ultimately buy. To be a user in the community only requires that a user/potential member join or follow one of the sites or networks and participate. Participation can be a retweet, a post, a published article, etc that you share on one of our social sites or send to our email. We will post ads for (and generally put more effort into) the most popular from the sites to support artists, or buy albums that the community likes to sell. Second, we need hot products to advertise and promote. Just in general, as an advertiser, brand or white label the brand is helped by good products. We don't want to be the folks always trying to promote crappy products that no one wants ;-). Lastly, we need leads so that we are staying on top of the latest trends, artists, etc. These days, a group like ours can't rely on regular radio or even the usual streaming services online. The people however, know everything and if we can get leads on new genres, music, products, etc, then we have an advantage of sorts in advertising. Hopefully that sounds straight forward, but if you have any questions there is always email,...

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