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What We Do

At the moment we are online promoters and distributors, and if you are reading this the "we" includes you. Our goal is to take the community and cooperative approach to marketing, promotion and product sales focusing solely on Ads and Products. We market and promote what the community likes or shares using social media and blogs (aka online). We promote using web and print ads, emails, snail mails and hand outs (physical content like CD's and USB's ).We create or show ads for free on our network , and sell "cultural" products that are made by actual people (music for instance) for a commission between 10% and 25% from the actual artists on every product. Finally the distribution is sharing and selling the products (again music in this case) however we can (right now through releases). All in all nothing new. If there is a difference it's that we are not actually picking what gets distributed, we rely on the community members for that, again you. Whether it's an email, snail mail, twitter RT, Google+ post or whatever, if it's been proven that our folks like it then we feel the need to distribute it. That's it.

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